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Portable 12 volt evaporative air cooler

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TRANSCOOL - 12 volt portable Evaporative air cooler for your car, truck, or boat.
Transcool - portable air cooling that you will be able to take anywhere
that has a 12 volt power supply!
The affordable and effective solution for a 12 volt air cooler to create a more relaxing environment!
The perfect cooling solution for your
Camper-R.V., Caravan, Tent, Truck, Boat, Car, Forklift, Crane
or anywhere with 12 Volt power supply!!!
As close to a low cost, totally portable 12 volt air conditioner as you'll get!
The Transcool 12 volt portable cooling system is designed to comfort you when at work, rest or play.
Transcool will direct cool, fresh air to you in a hot uncomfortable environment!
Cool, fresh air in an enclosed, hot and still environment simply feels like HEAVEN!!
Transcool is totally portable- you do not need to install it and can move it to wherever you need cooling; car, caravan, truck, tent, boat- anywhere!
Contact us to find out how the Transcool 12 volt air cooler can help you today!
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