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The Australian Motor Industry is quite large with many thousands of businesses across all parts of the country, trying to find a business to cater to your specific needs can be difficult and sometimes impossible.


Motor Network Australia was developed from a critical study of our industry and the problems associated with finding who, what and where.


Pinky is recognised as Australia's leading Motor Show Announcer and his website (www.pinky.com.au) is recognised as the most comprehensive listing of Car Shows, Bike Shows and Swap Meets in Australia, during 2010 this and other considerations indirectly led to the development of Motor Network Australia.


Last year, 2010, Pinky's website achieved over 332,000 visits or an average of 909.5 visits per day ! - How could this help Motor Network ?


By re directing the volume of traffic from Pinky’s website to Motor Network, why not create a new, comprehensive listing of our Motor Industry, which will include Pinky’s events listings to assist our public viewers to find their favourite businesses and events.


Although Pinky is his own webmaster, he was aware that further skills were required to develop Motor Network to its fullest potential. To this end Pinky called upon John Robinson from webZplus, to come and join him in this venture.


John has an extensive background in the Motor Industry and was eager to see a similar project that would benefit the many, similar, motor minded people.


Both Pinky and John were determined to have a low entry price, that could benefit the many motor people, with or without their own website.


Already Motor Network has been praised by many of the leading names within the motor world, and the potential market will only increase as more awareness of the name becomes prominent around Australia.

  • A one stop shop that will list the many categories that encompass our motor world.
  • A website for the many workshops that don’t have the computer skills to develop their own.
  • A website that can be accessed by the businesses on a daily basis, and changed to suit their requirements.
  • A website that includes a Google Map of their address.
  • A website that allows a video to feature and highlight their specialties.
  • Advertising Banners can be purchased separately and are priced accordingly contact Pinky for the current pricing.

Motor Network is our solution and you can register and join immediately with a one off payment fee of $50 per annum. (currently $10) with no further payments required - just one payment for a year of only $50 and you can be part of the internet revolution.

www.motornetwork.com.au is the new horizon and answers the Publics desire to utilise the services provided by the Internet.


Motor Network Australia

Gordon 'Pinky' Fellows

John Robinson



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