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How To Spot Quality In-Car Alarms Systems

Car alarms are common features on most modern vehicles as a form of prevention against thieves. They are activated by persons attempting to gain access to your car either without disabling the alarm first or even if the vehicle is jolted. Most cars come with a remote sensor that activates the alarm and also turns on lights inside and outside the car to alert you if someone tries to enter.


So what are the reasons to replace car alarms? The most common reason is to prevent them from draining the car battery. Alarms work only when something activates them. So when the car battery is running low, the car alarm will not function properly and thus there will be no notification that it needs to be reset.

Car alarms can drain the car battery because of various factors. One of the common causes is when thieves cut the power source to the sensors that sense objects or people around the vehicle. This means if an intruder activates the alarm, the siren will be triggered but there will be no confirmation from the sensors when it comes to activating the siren. The thief can simply open the driver’s door and run away.

The thieves can simply disable the anti-theft features and run away with the vehicle. It, therefore, makes sense to have them working while you are at home or in the office so that they are always activated and will trigger even if someone takes off with your car. But if you are away from home, you can still take precautions such as activating the alarms when you go out of the vehicle or when you park it at a certain location.

car alarms

Installing Car Alarms

When it comes to protecting your car from thieves, you have two options – installing one or not. If you are thinking of installing one, then make sure you have installed the latest anti-theft features and can trust that it has been tampered with or hacked. You can also have the anti-theft feature activated remotely through the telephone or the internet. In this case, the anti-theft features are useless unless you are nearby or can see the person who broke into your car.

Installing car alarms and their anti-theft features are relatively easy. You can install them yourself without calling for an expert to install them for you. There are easy ways to activate or deactivate the alarms and even set the time you want the alerts to sound in the event it goes off at a specific time. Most modern models have a few easy-to-follow buttons. But if the particular model that you have does not have easy to follow buttons, there are simple manuals that come with the product. And then there are remote-controlled units that have kill switches that are easy to operate.

It is not enough that you have installed quality car alarms; you must also make sure that you have placed everything in plain sight to tempt thieves away. You can have decals stating “cash only” and “entry restricted” which are very effective in deterring thieves. You can also try placing some luring items in plain sights such as coins and cards. If you are putting decals and other signs together with your locks, make sure that the letter “L” is not visible.

Lastly, you can make your car easier to steal by installing car trackers. Car trackers are installed on the outside of the car and alert you if someone tries to tamper with your car. The car Tracker uses radio signals to transmit information about your car’s present location, speed, the direction of movement and so on. So when someone is trying to steal your car, they will know that something is wrong and drive away faster to not risk being caught.

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