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How Car Body Blasting is Done

Have you ever heard of car body blasting? If not, don’t worry. This is a relatively new technology that is still fairly new to the auto repair trade. But car body coating techniques are becoming popular in the rest of the industry due to their many benefits. Let’s take a look at car soda blasting.

About Blasting and Coating

Many car body shapers and repairmen call car body blasting “spraying” or “grit blasting.” These terms are often interchangeable. The technique involves spraying a liquid coating on the car and working it into the crevices of the car body using grit blasting gun. The result is a car that looks brand new.

It’s not uncommon for car body blasting specialists to use an electric sprayer to apply the coating. This not only cuts down on the possibility of injury due to a spray gun accident but reduces the car body blasting costs as well. Here is how the pre-treatment process works.


First, the car is cleaned thoroughly and any waxing, oiling or other cleaning agents are removed. The area is then pre-treated with a lubricant to seal the surface. After the area is pre-treated, a fine mesh wire is inserted into the oil filler kit, which is attached to a power sprayer gun. After some pre-treating and a quick breakdown, the powder coating is applied using the gun and a pressurized stream of compressed air is sprayed onto the powder coating.

The fine mesh wire helps to disperse the powder coating evenly over the metallic surfaces, avoiding any pinpointing of bubbles or other bubbles that might be formed during the shooting process. Because of this, there is no need to clean up the pre-treatment area afterwards. However, if there are still excess particles left after the shooting process, they can be picked up with a cloth. Otherwise, the entire process will have been repeated countless times to achieve the desired results.

car body blasting

After the powder coating has been applied to the car surfaces, it is inspected for any imperfections before being re-sprayed. Car blasting experts make sure that the powder coating is flawless before they spray it on the car bodies. Even if there are minute imperfections in the powder coat, they are not visible to the human eye and are not worth repairing or even thinking about repairing. Repairing such imperfections will just add to the costs of the car body blasting services.

About Blasting Companies

Most car body blasting companies provide their clients with this service. This is especially helpful if you live in an area where there is no access to professional car body blasting equipment. In this case, you will have to do all the installation work yourself. This is a very tiresome but very affordable option for people who do not want to pay hefty fees to hire professional car body blasting experts and do not want to hassle themselves in assembling the blasting equipment themselves.

Finally, all car blasting experts must be licensed. If the car blasting company you are considering cannot provide you with a license for this kind of work, then it’s better to go and hire the services of another professional car body blasting expert. You’ll be guaranteed the quality of work and the safety of your car. This is how you can ensure that your car remains safe at all times.

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